Optics and Electronics



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High-precision electric/manual positioning stages and optical platforms are widely used in the field of optoelectronics for various applications. These systems provide precise control over the position and movement of optical components, enabling accurate alignment, focusing, and manipulation light.

In the field of optics, high-precision positioning stages and optical platforms are essential for tasks such as:

Optical component alignment: These platforms allow for precise positioning of lenses, mirrors, filters, and other optical elements. This is crucial for achieving optimal optical performance and maximizing the efficiency of light transmission.

Microscopy: High-precision stages are used in microscopy setups to precisely position samples, objectives, and other optical components. This enables researchers to obtain clear and detailed images with high resolution.

Laser beam steering: Electric/manual positioning stages and platforms are employed to steer laser beams accurately. This is important in applications such as laser cutting, laser marking, and laser scanning, where precise control over the beam's direction is required.

Optical testing and metrology: High-precision positioning stages and platforms play a vital role optical testing and metrology setups. They enable precise measurement of optical properties, such as wavefront analysis, interferometry, and surface profilometry.

Optoelectronic device fabrication: In the manufacturing of optoelectronic devices, high-precision positioning stages and platforms are used for processes like lithography, mask alignment, and wafer inspection. These systems ensure accurate placement and alignment of components, leading to improved device performance and yield.

Overall, high-precision electric/manual positioning stages and optical platforms are indispensable tools in the field optoelectronics. They enable precise control and manipulation of light, facilitating various applications ranging from fundamental research industrial production.